Blocker Settings

Flter’s Blocker feature will block third-party ads, malicious websites, malware, phishing sites, and tracking services.

You can also create your own personalized block lists by selecting “Blocker” from the home page and then select “Create a List” in the upper right hand corner. After you’ve created your list, select “Save” in the upper right hand corner to save it. If you wish to delete a previously created block list, you can do so by clicking the blue “Delete List” button in the center of the page.

When a URL is added to a block list, it may take a few minutes before the website is completely blocked.

Please note that when Blocker is activated, it restarts Flter’s DNS server which will temporarily disrupt your internet. When your computer detects this disruption, it may automatically try to connect you to a wireless network you’ve used in the past. If this happens, simply reconnect to Flter’s WiFi.
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