Version 2.0.0

This update includes general performance improvements and some great new features to make the Flter device easier and safer to use.

General maintenance and performance updates.** We've improved system stability and security / driver updates.

VPN auto reconnect**. Just like our new ForceField VPN client, Flter will now automatically reconnect to a VPN server if the connection is lost at any point.

VPN connect on system startup.** Flter will now automatically reconnect to a VPN server after a power outage or system restart.

Factory reset through advanced settings.** Factory reset is now accessible through the advanced settings menu.

Faster DNS servers.** We've set up dedicated servers to handle all DNS requests. DNS resolution times should be much quicker now.

Login with Flter VPN account credentials.** If you're setting your device up for the first time or have performed a factory reset you can now log in using your VPN account credentials. We've added Two-factor authentication methods to keep your device safe. The local account login will still always be available to use instead.

2FA with SMS. You can now set up SMS authentication when logging into Flter with your VPN account.

2FA Google Authenticator.** You can now use Google Authenticator for Two-factor authentication when logging into Flter with your VPN account.

Secret Key Login. A random key is generated to log into your Flter device when it's offline. During setup you'll be asked to keep this key safe.

Version 1.0.8

This update fixes the recently discovered weaknesses in the WPA2 protocol.

Flter's WiFi is no longer susceptible to intercept.

Just keep in mind that even though Flter has been updated your other devices might still be vulnerable to attack. You will want to make sure that you update them as soon as a patch is released by the manufacturer.

While you’re waiting for software updates for your mobile devices and computers we recommend using our VPN client while connected to WiFi. The encrypted tunnel that the VPN creates when you connect prevents Man-in-the-middle attacks. This is the sort of attack that the WPA2 vulnerability puts you at risk for.

The release of our Android and iOS VPN app along with our new desktop client is right around the corner and we’ll be posting another update as soon as they are ready for release.

You can find more information about this over at

Stay safe out there!

Version 1.0.7

This is a quick update with the following changes:

Ability to hide SSID. You can now disable Flter's SSID from being broadcast.

Tor Stability. We've made connecting to Tor much better. Stability and network connectivity issues arose when the VPN and Tor were active at the same time. Tor now disables your VPN connection and VPN disables Tor.

Repeater now saves WiFi passwords. You no longer have to enter your network WiFi password each time while connecting Flter to another wireless network.

Country codes. we've added the ability to change your country code within the advanced settings tab.

General performance updates and UI fixes.

Version 1.0.6

In this update we've added support for our new, fully-native, mobile applications as well as few bug fixes and performance updates.*

General performance. *We've made some changes to increase general performance and system stability.

Full native app for iOS and Android.* We released the Flter router app as a web view while we continued to work on the native application. This update adds support for our fully native application on iOS and Android.

DHCP settings.* We've given users the ability to disable DHCP.

Fixed special characters bug*. Some special characters were presenting problems while connecting VPN accounts to Flter.

OpenVPN providers. * We switched over to a less complicated method of adding 3rd party VPN services. In the 'new VPN' section each provider has upload buttons for the exact files they require to connect to their OpenVPN servers. We also added support for PureVPN.

Version 1.0.5

We’re excited to announce that we rolled out a huge update to Flter early this morning! Thanks to our amazing community we’ve squashed a ton of bugs and received some great feedback. Flter will automatically update when it’s connected to power and internet. If you’ve chosen to turn this feature off you can manually perform the update to install the latest firmware.


Incorrect configuration/password dialog for custom VPN locations

Instead of general OpenVPN configurations we now do specific provider . configurations. (Private Internet Access, Nord VPN, IP Vanish)

Update bug fixed

Update page update button will only update if an update is available

Added advanced tab

Ability to change DNS server in advanced tab

Ability to change router’s IP address in advanced tab

Ability to see MAC address and firmware version in advanced tab

Ability to see OpenVPN, L2TP, and Syslogs in advanced tab -> logs

General bug fixes and UI improvements

What’s Next?

Getting Flter into the hands of our backers has been hugely beneficial to us. We are a still a very small team, but the input from our backers has helped us to rapidly deploy updates. It is because of this we’re are proud to announce our plans for a beta program that will enable community members to receive early access to new software and hardware down the line.

What else?

Version 2 of the Flter Router app will be released soon. Version 2 includes a fully native application for both iOS and Android. The new app will connect to the Flter device faster and be much more reliable.

Improvements to our VPN infrastructure, faster servers and more locations.

The release of our mobile VPN client and version 2 of our desktop VPN client.
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