Privacy and Security

Encrypted from one end to the other.
Our VPN provides a virtual tunnel that protects your data from prying eyes. Every single bit of data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. We use strong AES-256-CBC cipher encryption which is a standard used by institutions that handle extremely sensitive information.

Private. The way the internet should be.
With Passel Protect, no one can see into your data. To someone on the outside (i.e. internet provider or tracking service), your data looks like gibberish. We've configured our servers to never log HTTP requests and have gone to great lengths to protect the information passing through our VPN servers.

Your data is kept secure by the same symmetric algorithms used by governments around the world. When you connect, 4096-bit RSA encrypted keys are generated on the fly and sent to your computer over HTTPS, then they are deleted when they aren't needed. The keys we send to you are never saved and different every time you connect, making it almost impossible for your data to be compromised.
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